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Anthony D. Francis-Worrell


Anthony is the founder of Versus Legal with over several years experience in the fields of Civil Litigation, Immigration Law, Corporate Law, Conveyance, Estate Planning, and Family Law. He is a former Barbados Exhibitionist. In 2008, he attained his Bachelor of Laws from the University of the West Indies Cave Hill and was called to the Barbados Bar in 2010. He has served as an advisor on several panels and Boards and has written several contributions to the local newspapers. He has also enjoyed being a lecturer and tutor at the University of the West Indies.

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Legal Education CertificationHugh Wooding Law School

Bachelors of LawsThe University of the West Indies
Cave Hill Campus

Practice Areas


Apart from law, Anthony can often be found portraying his varied grilled dishes on social media, traveling the world and playing cricket and chess.

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